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I-PNNIIntegrated Private Network-to-Network Interface
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I-PNNI extends PNNI to include internetwork routing, enabling routers, R/S edge devices and ATM switches to share information and calculate a single, optimal path end-to-end.
We already have more than a year of experience working with Bay Networks on LAN Emulation and know we can build on that success as we implement future standards such as ABR and I-PNNI," said Jim Gleason, vice president of sales and operations from Interphase.
In April, the PNNI Working Group of the ATM Forum passed a proposal to begin work on the I-PNNI standard.
The partnership includes jointly sponsoring I-PNNI and ATM standards as well as ensuring interoperability between BaySIS(TM) and IBM's Switched Virtual Networking.