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I-Pass[not an acronym] Pre-Paid, Electronic Toll Payment Method for Toll Roads and Bridges (Illinois)
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In a large, multi-center study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, implementation of I-PASS was associated with a 30% reduction in medical errors that harm patients.
Liverpool Science Park chief executive Chris Musson said: "We are delighted to unveil the Graduate i-pass.
If such delays become part of I-PASS implementation, Marburger stated that it was not the intention of the government to introduce further delays (Marburger 2).
I-Pass offers access to more than 1,000 POPs from participating ISPs in 160 countries.
The award - for "Best IT Application" - recognizes the e-commerce benefits the partners are delivering to the Illinois state government and users of Illinois' I-PASS electronic toll collection system.
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The conversion of the Tollway's traditional toll plazas to a barrier-free system allows I-PASS users to travel at highway speeds while their tolls are collected electronically by overhead equipment, reducing congestion and travel times.
The new year will bring a financial penalty for I-PASS customers who drive through tolls without a transponder or who neglect to properly mount transponders in their vehicles.
Last year's Best of Breed IT companies included Extreme Networks, Avici Systems, and i-Pass.
The i-Pass network features the largest global Internet roaming service in the world with 1080 points-of-presence in 150 countries worldwide; 200 of those access points are in the European region.
Jan DiFrancesca of Huntley isnEt happy with the Illinois tollway charging double for I-PASS customers who drive through tolls without a transponder in 2018.
the premier provider of global Internet roaming solutions for Internet service providers, today announced that True Global Internet Roaming is now available to Internet users in the Asia-Pacific region through the following 10 i-Pass Alliance partners: Hong Kong Telecom IMS (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Supernet Limited (Hong Kong), i-Wave Limited (Hong Kong), Pacific Internet Pte Ltd (Singapore), Pinter Indonesia (Indonesia), AsahiBM OfficeExpress - Gunma Internet (Japan), OzEmail Limited (Australia) and Voyager New Zealand Limited (New Zealand), WebQuest Internet Service (Philippines), and Karsing Online Service Co.