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I-SPYInternet Spyware Prevention Act of 2004
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We are excited about the inclusion of patritumab in I-SPY 2 as this study is a prime example of how a unique scientific collaboration can aid in the evaluation of promising investigational agents for patients with unmet needs.
i-Spy chief executive Paul Slaughter with investment manager at Northstar Ventures Rebecca Roberts
Members of the I-Spy tribe were known as 'redskins'.
6 million over four years to support I-SPY 2, a unique adaptive clinical trial designed to develop breast cancer therapies twice as quickly and at one-fifth the cost of current methods.
The finding marks the second drug graduation within the I-SPY 2 trial model, which is designed to accelerate drug development and to reduce the costs of bringing safe and effective new drugs to market.
PLAYING I-spy at Caldecott Park, Rugby, with a Tree Trail Guide from The Old Tool Shed Caf.
HEADPHONES, iPods and DVDs have replaced traditional games such as I-Spy as the most popular way for youngsters to pass the time on long car journeys.
For the study, researchers analyzed data from 'ACRIN 6657', the imaging component of the multicenter I-SPY TRIAL (Investigation of Serial Studies to Predict Your Therapeutic Response with Imaging And moLecular Analysis) breast cancer trial.
Apart from being a ship spotter's I-Spy bulls eye, the MPI Resolution is was a striking example of this region's potential to become a shore base for future wind farm developments in the Irish Sea.
The poll also asked what games kids prefer to play in the car on a long trip and, not surprisingly, I-Spy was the top answer.
Nine out of 10 parents say that playing games together as a family on holiday is important and they will be indulging in the nation's top three car games - I-spy, spotting number plates and counting yellow cars.
In-car DVD players are used by almost a third whilst a fifth choose traditional car games such as I-spy to lessen the tension.