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The I-T department had earlier seized Benami properties of Misa Bharti, Shailesh Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav.
Two summons to Misa were also issued, but after she failed to appear, the I-T department proceeded to seize the properties which were raided in May.
On June 13, the I-T Department summoned Shailesh Kumar, in connection with the benami assets and tax evasion case registered against him.
On June 7, the I-T department slapped a fine of Rs.
Earlier, Misa Bharti and her husband Shailesh were summoned by the I-T department in connection with a 'benami' assets case.
A core team of I-T (investigation) Mumbai officials is likely to hold a meeting on Monday to take a call on how to proceed with the probe and sift through important documents procured on Thursday.
Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Dynamic I-T, Incorporated (OTCBB:DYNM), under its L-earnbiz brand is a provider of cutting-edge executive education seminars to senior executives in major corporations and organizations worldwide via distance learning formats.
Commenting on this seminar, Ritchie-Dunham said, "I'm excited that Dynamic I-T has elected to produce a distance learning seminar based on the principles and practices of Managing From Clarity.
By instituting qualified distance learning programs developed by Dynamic I-T, we hope to promote higher learning opportunities for Chinese students within China's education institutional framework.
The newly structured Dynamic I-T will include two divisions.
Capitalizing upon the cutting edge skills of its team of experts, Dynamic I-T will offer to Fortune 1000 and other large companies, governmental bodies and institutions, throughout the world, only the highest level, most sophisticated seminars on e-commerce, information technology and marketing.
The synergy so sought after by investors today was the basis for the companies to pursue and recommend the union of BankNet and Dynamic I-T.