I-TEAMSIntegrated Technical Evaluation and Analysis of Multiple Sources
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The I-team is currently seeking further vocational placement for him.
It is the I-team's feeling that we were premature in both these vocational placement efforts.
It was done a few weeks later by the ABC News I-team, running on the evening broadcast under the heading "ABC News Investigation."
Watergate may have made the job tougher, but so have obstacles of our own making, starting with the notion of the I-team itself.
It's little wonder then, that much of the S&L scandal was uncovered not by an I-team searching for a story but by reporters from Thrift News who had been poking around the industry for years.
Even stations that support their I-Teams expect them to produce more than they once did.
The I-Team at the Washington, D.C., station had lost its only producer six months earlier.
Joe Bergantino left WBZ-TV in Boston last year after 22 years as an I-Team reporter.
At WBZ, a recent I-Team story revealed that bartending schools teach students to manage drunks.
Not every local TV investigation is unworthy of the name, but slapping an I-Team label on features, consumer complaints and day-of-air stories is more about marketing than journalism.