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I-MODEIdle Mode
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In addition to the existing i-mode menu site search service, through the partnership with Google, i-mode users will be served Google search results for mobile and PC web sites via the i-mode portal search-box.
The partnership aims to connect Google services with i-mode, increase accessibility and further develop the usefulness of mobile Internet services in the Japanese market.
The NEMIP's mail subsystem enables customers to access i-mode mail services on their mobile handsets, with picture and video attachments and interoperability with other MMS or e-mail-enabled phones.
DoCoMo's inspired and gutsy choice of Flash in the early days of i-mode ensured a place on at least some phones back in 2002, and within 18 months their selection had been validated.
i-Mode is a mobile Internet service introduced in 1999 by NTT DoCoMo.
BAA's i-mode site can be found within the Travel Information section of the O2 i-mode menu.
DoCoMo concluded an agreement in November 2004 to provide O2 with know-how, technologies and patents necessary to launch the i-mode service.
QUALCOMM and ACCESS are working together to optimize and port ACCESS' i-mode Global Profile solution to select MSM chipsets.
ACCESS continues to successfully leverage its extensive mobile experience to help drive deployments of advanced i-mode services in a growing number of international markets," said Toru Arakawa, president and CEO of ACCESS.
ACCESS' emulation software enables rapid development and testing of i-mode services and applications.
Natsuno - who is reportedly well known as the founder of i-mode - uses the first chapter of the book to introduce the reader to i-mode and DoCoMo.
Software developer Borland Software Corp has released the Borland JBuilder Mobile Development for i-mode product for developers of i-mode applications.