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I12Inspection 12 (band)
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Cita: "Promover valores que ayuden a la formacion de los alumnos, lo cual como ya se tiene entendido, se crea desde la base, por ende, el colegio es una buena forma de intervenir dentro del crecimiento de futuros adultos, hacer un cambio en esta sociedad" (I12).
([paragraph][paragraph]) ICD-10-CM codes of E66.09, E66.1, E66.8, E66.9, E66.01, E66.2, Z68.3X, Z68.4X, Z68.54, or R93.9 for obesity (reflects ICD-9-CM codes of 278.00, 278.01, 278.03, V85.3X, V85.4X, V85.54, or 793.91); ICD-10-CM codes of E10.X or E11.X for diabetes (ICD-9-CM: 250.X); and ICD-10-CM codes of I12.X, I13.X, or N18.X for chronic kidney disease (ICD-9-CM: 403.X, 404.X, or 585.X).
Child's Age, Gender and Reported Sexual Orientation of Transcribed Interviews Interview Child's Child's Mother's report age Sex of child's sexuality i1 16 Female Bisexual i10 18 Male Homosexual i2 18 Male Homosexual i11 13 Female Bisexual i12 18 Male Homosexual i3 17 Female Bisexual i4 18 Male Homosexual i5 18 Female Homosexual i6 18 Female Bisexual i12 16 Female Homosexual i7 16 Female Bisexual i8 14 Male Bisexual i9 16 Female Bisexual Interview Mother's report of child's sexuality (in her words) i1 "Mmhmm", in response to interviewer prompt i10 [no audio recording] i2 "Homosexual" (homosexual) i11 [no audio recording] i12 [no audio recording] "Le gustan las nenas ...
For I12.6, A = 18.118 [cm.sup.2], I = 488 [cm.sup.4], S = 44.985 [cm.sup.3], d = 5 mm, and W = 77.5 [cm.sup.3], from formulas (12) and (13), it can be obtained that
Exploratory analysis was conducted again for 12 items (I1, I2, I4, I5, I6, I7, I9, I12, I13, I15, I17, and I18).
Number of band I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I7 Spectral 3846- 3025- 2389- 2349- 2287- 1834- 1583- range 3027 2800 2349 2316 2001 1583 1494 [[cm.sup.-1]] Number of band I8 I9 I10 I11 I12 Spectral 1494- 1279- 1197- 952- 885.5- range 1280 1221 952 886 370 [[cm.sup.-1]] Table 5: Data of CSR correlation analysis.
Here we take authority, a first level index, and its second level index I11, I12, I13 as an example(as shown in Table 4.).
Type 5 describes a cooperation of an NPO and its public financier concerning a joint development of the PM system as indicated by interview partner I12. Finally type 6 (the multilateral development approach) combines autonomous development approaches with a collaborative one.