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I20Intelligent Input/Output
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An addition to the successful Inspector range, the I20 provides a step up in user flexibility and quality control performance, achieving detail precision at short/wide or long distance inspections.
According to Kim, Hyundai's investment at the Kocaeli plant for I20 cars will amount to almost 100 million USD.
I20 ready systems will offer increased I/O throughput and are ideally suited to high-bandwidth applications such as networked video, Groupware and client/server processing.
The Nucleus transmitter now facilitates communications with I20 controllers without the necessity for manufacturer specificity or additional equipment.
SUPERMICRO is also the first company to achieve production volume shipments of motherboards and servers based on the I20 specifications.
Features include an I20 interface support plus XOR and ECC hardware.
Developed in cooperation with Intel, the new PLX PCI9080 chip, the first PCI chip to implement the I20 specification, is now being designed into a number of server- and client-side computing products such as 100 base Ethernet and Ultra SCSI adapters which employ Intel's popular 80960 processor family.
Fold down rear seats are a feature of all i20s and maximum load capacity is 1,042 litres.
It's not totally successful because we got third a couple of times at junctions but, in general, all the i20s controls are easy to use.