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I2CInter-Integrated Circuit
I2CInterface to Communicate
I2CInvoice to Cash (financial management)
I2CIntelligent Interface Controller
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With the i2c payment processing platform, Kiwibank will deliver expanded digital self-service options for their retail customers, as well as providing new self service capability for their corporate distribution channel, increasing its reach and capacity.
NXP's NT3H2x11 NTAG I2C plus family ICs, available from Mouser Electronics, consist of EEPROM, SRAM, NFC interface, digital control unit, power management and energy harvesting unit, and an I2C slave interface.
From its Silicon Valley headquarters, i2c provides smarter payments and integrated commerce solutions financial institutions, corporations, brands, and governments around the world rely on to deliver high impact, personalized experiences today's consumers expect.
I2C recently went to Mexico to utilize their GISDAS software.
By utilizing i2c, we have been able to take advantage of many unique, cutting-edge processing capabilities to build a prepaid card that offers superior value to consumers.
The terms of the multi-year collaboration includes that TIS would adopt the i2c platform as its standard for prepaid card processing and extend its use to support credit and debit card payment processing in key Asian markets in the near future.
27 March 2014 -- California-based payment processing provider i2c, Inc said that Caledonian Global Financial Services Inc's Caledonian Bank Ltd division of is leveraging its global platform for next-generation card processing.
Last month i2c announced plans to bring a new data center online in Shanghai, China.
The DI2CM core, which offers an interface between a microprocessor or microcontroller and the I2C bus, is capable of working as a master transmitter or master receiver - based on a working mode, determined by the microcontroller.
KargoCard is an established leader in their market with a rapidly growing distribution network, strong management team and an impressive client list," said Amir Wain, CEO of i2c.
The VersaClock 5 generates up to four independent output frequencies from a single reference clock and is programmable by an industry standard I2C interface.
amp; BIEL, Switzerland -- IXYS-Clare, a division of IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), announced the immediate availability of the CPC5903, an Optically Isolated I2C Bus Repeater and new addition to the enhanced-communications IC family.