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I2CInter-Integrated Circuit
I2CIntelligent Controller
I2CInter Integrated Circuit
I2CInterface to Communicate
I2CInvoice to Cash (financial management)
I2CIntelligent Interface Controller
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i2c was the logical outcome of the challenges faced with the first two business models by Amir and his associates, and in an attempt to create a business model that was stable and sustainable, they ventured into SaaS (software as a service) - an upcoming business model at that time which was essentially subscription to a set of features and functionality on an ongoing contractual basis.
A high level of integration is provided with both the HXT42100 and HXT42400 by incorporating the modulation, bias, and pulse shaping DAC into the devices with an integrated I2C interface for control, monitoring, fault, and status detection.
It guarantees 10 trillion rewritings, which well exceeds conventional EEPROMs, and supports the frequent rewriting of the data, such as real-time data logging for I2C interface products, as well as ones with other interfaces.
I2C will be run by a board chaired by Luke Jensen, Sainsbury's group development director, and where the two partners will be equally represented.
Info2cell said the I2C VAS Cloud serves as a reliable, secure and efficient platform that provides seamless integration with operators in the region, while supporting all kinds of billing methods.
The TSYS01 series from Measurement Specialities includes a factory calibrated temperature sensing chip and a 24-bit ADC to provide highly accurate and high resolution temperature information when interfaced to a microcontroller via its SPI or I2C interface.
Instead of requiring the operator to switch relays, the software controls the switching through two digital outputs to create an I2C 2-wire bus for communicating to digital input/output devices.
This functionality extends power savings by reducing the frequency of I2C communications.
All of the functional blocks can be accessed via I2C. The programmable regulators satisfy the dynamic voltage adjustment required by application processors.
The PacketPresenter supports I2C, SPI, ASYNC, CAN, USB, Parallel, Sync Serial, 1-Wire, I2S, PS2, and SMBus busses.
Additionally, DL9000 series instruments that already have the Inter-IC (I2C) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus analysis option can receive a free firmware update.
I2C Corrosion Control has published a color brochure describing and showing the Diamond Edge Services Flexible Linear Sock Anode.