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I2PIdea to Product (academic competition; University of Texas at Austin)
I2PInvisible Internet Project
I2PInformation to Pharmacists (web magazine; Australia)
I2PIndustry Information Processor
I2PIntroduction to Physics (college course; various locations)
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The UKTW I2P not only demonstrated the increasing level of cooperation between Taiwan and the U.K., but it would also be an opportunity for both countries to achieve great success, added the vice president.
Recently other free tools (JAP, I2P) have also emerged.
Anonymizer is not alone in its efforts to conceal Internet users' identity, as Tor (145) and the I2P Anonymous Network (146) provide similar services.
Engine maker and engineering giant Rolls-Royce joined the risers board, up 2%, or I2p at 547.5p, after saying that it had experienced an "encouraging" performance in the second quarter of the year.
I2PNET: "I2P Anonymous Network": Project website available at http://www.i2p.net/
Estimates of phenotypic (I2p), direct additive genetic (I2a), maternal (I2c) and direct permanent (I2pe) environmental variances and direct heritability (h2), maternal (c2) and direct (pe2) permanent environmental effects as a proportion of phenotypic variance for weight at selected ages.
The common environmental parameter estimated (c2) represented the proportion of phenotypic variance (I2P) attributable to animal's permanent environmental effects and were calculated as follows: