I3DInteractive Three Dimensional
I3DChief of the Interoperability, Integration & Initiatives Division (J7) (JCS)
I3DInteractive 3D Documentation (software)
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Also no significant difference in [DELTA]E* values was observed between the sof-lex groups (I2a, I2b, I2c, I2d) and abrasive stone groups (I3a, I3b, I3c, I3d) (p>0.05) on LDC.
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to Valve's Steam platform and i3D.net, to offer gamers low latency, high
In Proceedings of the 2005 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics and games, I3D'05, New York, NY, USA, p.
i3D.net operates a 344 Gigabit optical network with 8,000 servers in 16 data centers across six continents.
After applying the UTA algorithm in the neuro-fuzzy structure calculations were made for feature error and the following 9 more effective features were determined: SF2 (50) Aspect ratio (4) SF3 (4) Minor axis length (2) and Roundness (2) as morphological features and Cbd (6) Bm (4) Hm (4) and I3d (2) as color features selected for rice grain varieties (Tables 4-5).As seen in Table 1 the average accuracy after applying the UTA algorithm in MLP and neuro-fuzzy networks were 98.40% and 99.73% respectively.
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Provider of fibre-based communications services Level 3 Communications Inc (NasdaqLVLT) announced on Thursday that it has been selected by Interactive 3D BV (i3D.net), a game server provider based in Rotterdam, to provide high-speed IP (HSIP) services.
eBay, Yahoo, gaming website i3d.net and BBC news were the other top sites workers at Waverley Borough Council surf through the day.
Capa 1: 43 J3B, 307 J2C, 154/1 I4A, 144 J4A, 154/1 I4A, 115 I3D, 767 J4C, 784 I3C, 790 L3C, 341 K4B, 146/2 G3D, 791 L3C, 189/3 H4B, 798 K3D, 151/1 H4A, 946 K4B.
The I3D model is designed specifically for modeling instructional design in formal education environments, where learning units are typically constructed by individual instructors.