I3LITC Infotech India Limited
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Where, u is population mean, [beta]j is treatment effect (treatment comprise thermo neutral (TN) zone and high ambient temperature (HAT) zone), [alpha]k is the strain effect (four commercial broiler strains Ross, Hubbard, Cobb and Arber Acres), I3l is the strain by temperature zone interaction, eijklm is the random error associated to kth chicks and jth is treatment in experimental unit.
For the past year, UCB has collaborated with Georgia Tech's Interoperability & Integration Innovation Lab (I3L) in using predictive analytics help address how to better fit medications to patients and positively impact patient care.
I3L, P21S, R57Q(E), Y137S(A), S142R(A), A/Panama/2007/99 I144N(A), D172E(D), H183L, T192I(B), I194L(B), I226V(D), H233Y A/Fujian/140/2000 vs.