I3SIntegrated Immigration Information System
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Working with broadband providers such as I3S allows us to continue to scale our network by adding additional distribution channels for our broadband content," said Mark Cuban, president and chairman of Broadcast.
Under an initial $100 million, five-year contract, AB-Access will be used by I3S (http://www.
A single I3S data set, referred to as a Scene Layer, is a container for large amounts of heterogeneously distributed 3D geographic data.
A document has been prepared that provides a justification to the OGC Technical Committee (TC) for consideration of I3S as a Community standard.
Using AB-Access, Fuzion and I3S will deliver Internet access at speeds up to 25 megabits per second -- up to 400 times faster than dial-up service over a 56K modem.
Adaptive Broadband(TM) Corporation (Nasdaq:ADAP) announced today it has signed a contract valued initially at $100-million over five years to sell AB-Access(TM) broadband wireless service equipment to I3S, Inc.
Last year, OpTel and I3S formed a strategic relationship to offer high speed, broadband data services to OpTel cable television customers across the United States.
I3S is a leader in providing high-speed Internet access and data services to the multi-dwelling unit residential apartment community in the U.
IP Navigator, which is the industry's closest implementation of the emerging Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) standard, will allow I3S to deliver IP services at rates up to OC-48.
I3S has secured long-term, exclusive rights to provide high-speed cable data services to MDU portfolios that currently aggregate more than 700 apartment communities and in excess of 600,000 doors passed throughout the United States.
Forming a close working relationship among university and industry researchers and I3S project personnel will dramatically reduce the time required to go from basic research findings to actual deployable products," says Rudnicky.