I4DInnovation for Development
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The flight trial confirmed that i4D offers important safety and environmental gains, with reductions in fuel costs, increased flight predictability and overall network efficiency.
If all trials are successful, i4D will be executed across the European aviation industry by 2018.
FastFacts MODEL: Jaguar XF 2.2 i4D Luxury PRICE: PS32,940 MECHANICAL: 163ps, 2,179cc, 4cyl diesel engine driving rear wheels via 8-speed automatic gearbox MAX SPEED: 130mph COMBINEDMPG: 55.4 INSURANCE GROUP: 33 CO2: 139g/km COMPANY CAR TAX RATING: 22% WARRANTY: 3yrs/unlimited miles
When it was J's turn to play the shaker, he sometimes vocalised to show his awareness (R5A, P1B, I4D).
In practice, the teacher asked J to sing the musical phrase 'bobble bobble sugar cake' and J vocalised in response (R4D, I4D).
In a rehearsal of the songs, J was presented with the musical phrase 'spice and coconut' and vocalised in time when it was his turn and opened his mouth wide open with evident full engagement (R5B, P5A, I4D).
Following on from flight trials in 2012, Airbus A320 MSN001 flight-test aircraft has undertaken the second initial 4D (i4D) trajectory flight trial as part of a joint project with its members in the EU-funded Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) Joint Undertaking (SJU).
The main benefits of i4D are the significant reduction of fuel burn and C02 emissions, in line with SESAR s target to reduce the environmental impact per flight by 10 percent, a decrease of delays and therefore shorter and smoother flights for passengers.
The core objective of i4D is to ensure that aircraft flight trajectories remain synchronized between air and ground throughout all aspects of flight, thus helping to facilitate air traffic management which is more reliable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.
This analysis is limited to the analysis of existing data link deployment (LINK 2000+), ATN B2 (the set of services being standardised within Eurocae WG78, including i4D), FANS1/A and importantly AOC operations in Europe over VDLM2 until 2030.