I50Inhibit Binding by 50
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The mean length was also longer for ICD I64 (149.85 days) followed by ICD I50 (146.28 days), while ICD I70 was associated with the shortest length (76.60 days).
Key words: allelopathy and allelochemicals, Cyperus difformis, aqueous methanol, I50, bio-herbicides.
Such differences can be attributed to the narrower bell obtained using the present method as a result of the coefficient of variation, while Puzzi & Andrade e Silva (1981) calculated I50 using constant values.
Selected for each pesticide properties were, (lethal dose 50, maximum inhibitory concentration I50, effective concentration 50, Log P, mass density, BCF, water solubility and melting point).
In secondary analyses, we also investigated CV mortality, defined as death from MI (ICD-10 code I21), stroke (ICD-10 codes I61, I63- 66, not including transitory ischemic attacks), and heart failure (ICD-10 codes I11, I13, I50).
The highest values of I50 in the roots, compared with the shoots, in plants of sunflower, castor bean and common buckwheat, indicate that in these crops the highest tolerance occurs in the roots, similar to the observations of Paiva et al.
ICD and ATC Codes Used for Sample Identification Type 2 Diabetes ICD codes E11-E14 A10AB01-A10AB05, A10AB30, A10AC01-A10AC04, A10AC30, A10AD01-A10AD05, A10AD30, A10AE01-A10AE04, ATC codes A10AE30, A10BA01-A10BA03, A10BB01-A10BB12, A10BB31, A10BC01, A10BD01-A10BD03, A10BF03, A10BG01-A10BG03, A10BH01, A10BP01, A10BP02, A10BP30, A10BX01-A10BX04, A10XA01 CHD ICD codes I20-I25, I50 ATC-codes level 1 C01DA02, C01DA05, C01DA08, C01DA14, C01DA52, C01DX11, C01DX12 C07AA03, C07AA05, C07AA07, C07AB02, C07AB03, C07AB05, C07AB07, C07AB08, C07AB12, C07AB13, ATC codes level 2 C07AG02, C09AA01-C09AA11, C09BA01-C09BA09, C09BB05, C09BB10 Abbreviations: ATC, anatomical therapeutic chemical; ICD, International Classification of Diseases; CHD, coronary heart disease.
480 and McGovern-Dole 1,533.86 1,651.13 Total International 52,064.61 50,883.61 Affairs (I50) FY2015 % Change request FY2015 vs.
The following mortality causes were considered CVD deaths: CHD (codes I20-I25) (65,371 deaths), stroke (I60-69, G45) (29,520 deaths), and other cardiovascular diseases (25,677 deaths) including heart failure (I50), hypertensive disease (I10--I15), atherosclerosis (I70), sudden death (I46.1), rheumatic heart disease (I05-I09), and pulmonary embolism (I26) according to the International Classification of Diseases system 10th revision [34].
Considering I50 value the hypocotyl growth of lettuce and the root growth of timothy were the most sensitive to the extracts, whereas both the coleoptile and root growth of barnyard grass were the least sensitive.