I50Inhibit Binding by 50
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The I50 values of each test species in the assay were analysed by using GraphPad Prism 6.
Such differences can be attributed to the narrower bell obtained using the present method as a result of the coefficient of variation, while Puzzi & Andrade e Silva (1981) calculated I50 using constant values.
The I50 value for the hypocotyls/coleoptiles of test species was in between 29.
It would have been nice "Davie under our who for John to have unfurled the league flag as it was almost I50 years since he made his debut.
La noche del 9 de enero de I999, aproximadamente I50 paramilitares del Bloque Sur Putumayo, unidad adscrita al Bloque Central Bolivar--BCB-- de las Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia--AUC--, irrumpieron en la zona urbana de la Inspeccion de Policia El Tigre, en el Bajo Putumayo (Valle del Guamuez).
Binding constants were inversely correlated with I50 and MR50 values, i.
See Horsefield, supra note I50, at 518; Reitan, supra note 141, at 578.
Art Treasures in Manchester: I50 Years On' Manchester Art Gallery, 6 October-27 January 2008 (+44 [0] 161 235 8888).
External ear and abnormality of the urinary tract: A comparative study of 2 series (100 and I50 cases).
8 Acute nasopharyngitis 460 J00 Acute sinusitis 461 J01 Acute pharyngitis 462 J02 Acute tonsillitis 463 J03 Acute laryngitis and 464 J04 tracheitis Acute upper respiratory 465 J06 infections of multiple sites Acute bronchitis and 466 J20, J21 bronchiolitis Bronchitis, not specified as 490 J22 acute or chronic Chronic bronchitis 491 J42 Acute myocarditis 422 I40 Heart failure 428 I50 Adapted from Neuzil et al.
0; I50, e I60-I69); homicidios ( X85Y09); acidente de transporte (V01-V99); diabetes (E10 e E14); infeccoes respiratorias (J00-J99); neoplasia (C50, C53, C54, C55, C5, C34).