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IA-32Intel Architecture (32-Bit)
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This is achieved by integrating the IA-32 Execution Layer software into the operating system so that support for IA-32 applications is carried out at the software level, translating IA-32 application code into native Intel Itanium architecture code.
IBM has introduced its new eServer x360 servers featuring the IA-32 Intel Xeon Processor MP and the company's new Enterprise X-Architecture.
The Roadmap page also links to descriptions of major future developments in Intel 32-bit architecture (also called IA-32 architecture).
Sun says that independent software vendors that join its IA-64 ISV Program will be able to get the tools they need to create application suites that are optimized for IA-64 using the existing IA-32 implementation of Solaris, coupled with special IA-64 cross compilation tools.
Host OS/platforms: Windows (IA-32, Intel(R) 64), Linux* (IA32, Intel(R) 64)
As part of the CTC TechExchange Consortium, Unisys will work with CTC to optimize the performance of HPC solutions for key industry markets using ES7000 servers based on both Intel Itanium 2 (IA-64) and Xeon MP (IA-32) processors.
Intel's InfiniBand suite of products, which will be used with the company's future IA-32 and upcoming Itanium-based server platforms, include the three critical components for an InfiniBand fabric - a host channel adapter, a switch and a target channel adapter.