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IA-64Intel Architecture (64-bit)
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Celestica steps onto ODM turf with IA-64 server EBN.
The alpha release includes the Red Hat/Cygnus compiler and tool kit to aid development of the IA-64 Linux platform.
"The investment capital will be used to help expand our marketing, international and R&D efforts, including our IA-64 porting work."
The IA-64 prototype servers will be offered under the umbrella of the SourceForge CompileFarm -- just one of the many programming, project management and communication tools available at no cost to Open Source developers on SourceForge.
to enable Hercules II for IA-64 platforms running Linux, starting with the Itanium processor," said Diane Wortsmann, acting director of Workstation Industry Marketing at Intel.
Designed for the power of future Intel IA-64 Itanium processors, the ES7000 is based on Unisys revolutionary Cellular MultiProcessing (CMP) architecture.
announced that its Ultral6O SCSI technology will be ported to the Linux IA-64 kernel--the basis for the 64-bit version of the Linux operating system.
Meanwhile, SCO is investing in its future with the Monterey port of Unix to the IA-64 architecture, carried out in collaboration with IBM, and with its attempts to establish new line of businesses around the Tarantella web-enabling software line and a new services organization.
In other news, the company has received an investment from the Intel 64 Fund in support of its commitment to develop a special version of its speech recognition technology for Intel's forthcoming IA-64 product family.
As part of the CTC TechExchange Consortium, Unisys will work with CTC to optimize the performance of HPC solutions for key industry markets using ES7000 servers based on both Intel Itanium 2 (IA-64) and Xeon MP (IA-32) processors.