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IA-64Intel Architecture (64-bit)
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With NEC's server technology and HP's UNIX/IA-64 technology, both companies can now drive further the IA-64 strategy to expand the HP-UX leadership in the forthcoming IA-64 UNIX market.
The Intel 64 Fund is a quarter-billion-dollar equity fund that invests in emerging technologies for next-generation servers and workstations utilizing Intel's IA-64 architecture.
Our customers will be among the first to realize the price-performance benefits of ANSYS operating on UNIX, powered by the Intel IA-64 microarchitecture.
With its sophisticated compiler suite, SGI has proven to be a leading player in the effort to create a Linux port for IA-64 that would be available to our customers and the open source community at or before the Itanium processor launch.
As a result, customers developing software for the Internet will be able to quickly and reliably build next-generation applications that harness the advanced processing power of IA-64 using Linux, Monterey and Windows 2000.
HP is a leader in developing IA-64 with Intel and we expect that their support of HP-UX11i on their new Itanium platforms will give CFX customers a stable and very fast simulation platform for running CFX-5.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Trillian Project, an industry initiative to port the Linux operating system to Intel's forthcoming IA-64 server and workstation architecture, announced today that the four leading Linux distributors -- Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE and TurboLinux -- have officially joined the initiative.
Predictably, the Monterey folk supporting IBM's AIX and SCO UnixWare fused on IA-64 believe that Siemens' decision is another nail in the coffin of Sun's Solaris x86 campaign.
As new servers based on the IA-64 architecture hit the streets, the demand for storage throughput is increasing, and 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel is an important tool for delivering that throughput.
That's the opportunity for developing a common Unix for Intel's IA-64 architecture, which is why IBM is setting some considerable stall by the AIX-based Monterey64 Unix it is developing with partners for use on IA-64, PowerPC and Alpha.
Company Backs Global Intel 64 Fund to Influence IA-64 Application Development
A company spokesperson said that the open branding should give customers the confidence to migrate from Siemens' Fujitsu-supplied CMOS mainframe platforms, to its own MIPs-based Risc platforms and to Intel IA-64 platforms once they become available later this year.