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IA-64Intel Architecture (64-bit)
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The Intel 64 Fund is a quarter-billion-dollar equity fund that invests in emerging technologies for next-generation servers and workstations utilizing Intel's IA-64 architecture.
Because of that, and because of its experience trying to shift users over from the HP 3000 to the HP 9000 Series after ten years, HP says it's giving itself "at least three years" to make the full transition over to IA-64, with four more PA chips in the pipeline, including the 8600 (CI No 3,615).
However, despite the lack of any silicon, Intel has managed to demonstrate a Linux kernel up and running on an IA-64 simulator.
Commercial release of native IA-64 binaries is expected mid-2002.
Predictably, the Monterey folk supporting IBM's AIX and SCO UnixWare fused on IA-64 believe that Siemens' decision is another nail in the coffin of Sun's Solaris x86 campaign.
As new servers based on the IA-64 architecture hit the streets, the demand for storage throughput is increasing, and 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel is an important tool for delivering that throughput.
That's the opportunity for developing a common Unix for Intel's IA-64 architecture, which is why IBM is setting some considerable stall by the AIX-based Monterey64 Unix it is developing with partners for use on IA-64, PowerPC and Alpha.
A company spokesperson said that the open branding should give customers the confidence to migrate from Siemens' Fujitsu-supplied CMOS mainframe platforms, to its own MIPs-based Risc platforms and to Intel IA-64 platforms once they become available later this year.
The Intel 64 Fund investment was made in support of River Logic's commitment to port and tune its Enterprise Optimizer(TM) software application to Intel's IA-64 platform, beginning with the Itanium(TM) processor.