IAAAMInternational Association of African American Music (Gladwyne, PA)
IAAAMInternational Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine
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Baine, "Ovariectomy of Sub-adult Southern Stingrays (Dasyatis americana) to Prevent Future Reproductive Problems," in Proceedings of the Proceedings IAAAM, vol.
"Many artists today will be as bad off as those in the past unless they become better informed," says Dyanna Williams, co-founder and executive director of the International Association for African-American Music (IAAAM).
In fact, there has been an industry-wide shake-up that's taken place over the past year, affecting both black and white music executives alike, Says Eldridge, vice president of communications for Perspective/A&M Records and IAAAM co-founder: "At some point, we're all going to lose a job.