IAACIndo-American Arts Council, Inc.
IAACInformation Assurance Advisory Council
IAACInteramerican Accreditation Cooperation
IAACInter American Accreditation Cooperation
IAACInfertility Awareness Association of Canada, Inc
IAACInteragency Assessment Advisory Committee
IAACInternational Academic Advisory Council (International Computing Sciences Conventions)
IAACIndia - Australia Association of Canberra Inc
IAACInternational Antarctic Analysis Centre
IAACInteragency Assessment Coordination Board
IAACIndividual Activity Address Code (military term; USMC)
IAACIt's All About Control
IAACIndependent Audit Advisory Committee (various organizations)
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This objective is part of a broader drive towards an advanced airport concept at IAAC.
Brasil, a traves de INMETRO, es miembro pleno de IAAC y signatario del MLA, su alcance incluye Organismos de Certificacion de sistemas de Gestion y Gestion Ambiental, Organismos de Certificacion de Productos y Acreditacion de Laboratorios de Ensayo y Laboratorios de Calibracion.
Most of these improvements, including the IAAC proposal, are the result of renewed U.
OpSec Unveils Market Snapshot at the 2012 IAAC Annual Spring Conference Revealing an Influx of Counterfeit Designer Sunglasses Listed on Popular E-Commerce Sites; Offers Tips to Spot Fakes
In the scope of the visit some 30 officials representing the IAAC, the Prosecutor Generals Office, the Department Against Economic Crimes of the National Police Authority, Transparency International Mongolia, the Mongolian Business Council, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the World Bank residence office discussed the countrys legal, regulatory and institutional anti-corruption infrastructure and identified recommendations for improvement and potential follow-up activities.
To recall, Tan was elected to the five-member IAAC after retiring from CoA early last year.
Until yesterday's election, he was the association's chair-elect and chair of the board for IAAC, IIABNY's for-profit member services division.
IAAC stands for 'The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia', and organization dedicated to evaluating sustainable development projects such as self-sufficient housing.
Throughout this time, the United States actively engaged other delegations and the Secretariat to ensure that the mandate and composition of the IAAC would strengthen accountability and governance.
Here is a synopsis of why SEAC and IAAC have a Zacks Rank of #5 (Strong Sell) and should most likely be sold or avoided for the next one to three months.
The Attorney General Mohan Pieris, in his capacity as the Chairperson of the IAAC also participated in the discussions.