IAACIndo-American Arts Council, Inc.
IAACInformation Assurance Advisory Council
IAACInteramerican Accreditation Cooperation
IAACInter American Accreditation Cooperation
IAACInfertility Awareness Association of Canada, Inc
IAACInteragency Assessment Advisory Committee
IAACInternational Academic Advisory Council (International Computing Sciences Conventions)
IAACIndia - Australia Association of Canberra Inc
IAACInternational Antarctic Analysis Centre
IAACInteragency Assessment Coordination Board
IAACIndividual Activity Address Code (military term; USMC)
IAACIt's All About Control
IAACIndependent Audit Advisory Committee (various organizations)
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Today, the IAAC stands to ensure transparency and accountability in government, and advance the goals of the U.
Most of these improvements, including the IAAC proposal, are the result of renewed U.
The proposal for the IAAC is a good example of how elements from oversight mechanisms in the private sector can be of use to IOs.
Throughout this time, the United States actively engaged other delegations and the Secretariat to ensure that the mandate and composition of the IAAC would strengthen accountability and governance.
Here is a synopsis of why SEAC and IAAC have a Zacks Rank of #5 (Strong Sell) and should most likely be sold or avoided for the next one to three months.
ASCLD/LAB is a signatory to both the IAAC Multi-lateral Recognition Arrangement and the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement.
In addition to the historic strength of our Communications Division, we saw immediate impact from the January acquisition of Seattle based IAAC in our Products Division," said E.
In addition, CEIA will work with the IAAC, which will oversee administrative support for the Center's European operations.
today announced the acquisition of Seattle based IAAC, a gift products importer and manufacturer.