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IAAFInternational Association of Athletics Federations
IAAFInternational Amateur Athletic Federation
IAAFIllinois Association of Agricultural Fairs
IAAFIllinois Arts Alliance Foundation (Chicago, IL)
IAAFInformative Arts Art Foundation
IAAFInternational African American Festivals
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But Coe admitted before he took the helm at the IAAF there may have been deals done of which even senior figures within the organisation, including Coe himself, were not made aware.
The IAAF decided yesterday to allow Kelli to compete in the 4 x 100m relay after her explanation that she was receiving medical treatment for a condition affecting her family.
Today we have been dealing with the failure of the ARAF (All-Russia Athletic Federation) and made the decision to provisionally suspend them, the toughest sanction we can apply at this time," IAAF president Sebastian Coe said.
Coe has been the most outspoken voice on the accusations the IAAF has ignored possible widespread drug use, calling them a "declaration of war" on the sport.
The study was financed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), who told the newspaper on Friday they had given the IAAF the power to veto publication in return for allowing access to the athletes at Daegu.
In a joint statement they said: "We note the concerns raised by the IAAF with regard to the analyses we undertook of the data.
Illness forced her to pull out of the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships race the last time it came to the UK in Birmingham in 2009, but she cannot wait for the prestigious event to return to British soil.
The IAAF awarded the 2007 world championships to Osaka, Japan, without open bidding.
Papa Massata Diack, who works for the IAAF as a marketing consultant, joins Valentin Balakhnichev, the president of the Russian athletics federation and the IAAF's treasurer, in agreeing to step down.
According to the IAAF official, the samples were "highly suspicious".
ATHLETICS' world governing body, the IAAF, will hand four-year bans to those caught doping from 2015.