IAAFTIterative Amplitude Adapted Fourier Transform Algorithm (meteorology)
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50 IAAFT surrogates were produced for each original simulation series, using 1000 iterations of randomizing the phase spectrum from the Fourier transform, taking the inverse-Fourier transform of the original series' amplitude spectrum with the randomized phase spectrum, and replacing the inverse-Fourier series with rank-matched values of the original series.
Hence, the most rigorous test for identifying cascade processes from multifractal results does require the sample of IAAFT surrogates to preserve both probability distribution function (PDF) and linear correlations [13].
Therefore, the iAAFT surrogates of both average rates of populations' activity variables [N.sub.1] and [N.sub.2] were Hilbert-transformed and the resultant instantaneous phases ([[phi].sub.sur1], [[phi].sub.sur2]) attained, and the time series of correntropy values ([[eta].sub.sur]) over running windows (of the same size as before) between [[phi].sub.sur1] and [[phi].sub.sur2] was obtained.