IAALI Am A Lawyer
IAALIbero American Action League (Rochester, NY)
IAALImitation Auto Alarm Light (safety product)
IAALInternational Association of Applied Linguistics
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In July, 2006, IAAL consented to a preliminary injunction banning him from the FreeAdvice.
IAAL, initially on his own, and then represented by Los Angeles area attorney Raoul Y.
IAAL and Attorney Roth also claimed that despite IAAL's abusive conduct, IAAL had a constitutional or common law right to remain anonymous.
The Court imposed sanctions of $3,000 against both IAAL and Attorney Roth.
com, said, "We are grateful for all help in the hunt for IAAL.
Knox of Mill Valley, California, predicts the identity of IAAL, who now must answer written interrogatories, will be uncovered soon.
Goldsholle says, "We repeatedly applied technological fixes, but IAAL figured out ways to hack in.
Koenig, an attorney with offices in Agoura Hills, California, claiming to represent IAAL, who refused to disclose his client's real identity, but stipulated to extend the Temporary Restraining Order.
com has already obtained against IAAL, FreeAdvice is also seeking to recover its economic damages.
If Internet users suspect they know the identity of IAAL, or if any ISPs or operators of other websites suspect IAAL has attacked their Internet properties, they are urged to contact Gerry Goldsholle at (415) 331-1212, ext.
Co-founder of IAALS where he is currently a member of the Executive Committee