IAAPSInternational Association for Asia Pacific Studies (Japan)
IAAPSIntegrated Army Active Protection System
IAAPSInternational Association for Applied Psychoanalytic Studies
IAAPSInternational Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart (fan club)
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The IAAPS test bed vehicle is a flexible and expandable platform for Army research and development.
The IAAPS program is a universal test bed that has undergone continuous incremental technology maturation over the last four years.
The integrated IAAPS slewed system can be tailored to meet FCS close-in defeat requirements, while providing the lightest weight active protection solution.
United Defense, TACOM and teammates Northrop Grumman Space Technologies and BAE SYSTEMS tested the IAAPS hardware and software beyond program requirements to obtain additional data by defeating a variety of threats from dual active protection and electronic warfare defeats to defeating two types of RPGs while on the move.
According to the company, the continued success of the IAAPS hardware and software is demonstrating that a Future Combat Systems requirement for an integrated suite of sensors, processors and countermeasures is technologically achievable.
In a series of ongoing tests, the IAAPS team has consistently demonstrated the defeat of a variety of threats fired against a ground combat vehicle equipped with IAAPS.