IAASSInternational Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (Netherlands)
IAASSInternational Association of Applied Social Scientists (now Certified Consultants International)
IAASSInternational Association of Survey Statisticians (Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia; University of Latvia)
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IAASS total and subscales) are presented in Table 1.
Results further indicated that perceived pressure experienced from parents to choose a particular major or career was significantly correlated with greater internalization of Asian American stereotypes on the IAASS total (r = .
1 = socioeconomic status; 2 = grade point average; 3 = generation status; 4 = cultural involvement; 5 = parental pressure; 6 = influence of parental pressure; 7 = parental support; 8 = Internalization of Asian American Stereotypes Scale (IAASS) total; 9 = IAASS Expected Academic Success; 10 = IAASS Pursuit of Prestigious Careers; 11 = IAASS Difficulties With English Language Communication; 12 = IAASS Emotional Reservation.