IAATIowa Algebra Aptitude Test
IAATIntra-Abdominal Adipose Tissue
IAATInstitut Atlantique d'Aménagement du Territoire (French: Atlantic Institute of Spatial Planning)
IAATInternal Audit and Assessment Team (various organizations)
IAATInternational Association Against Torture
IAATInternational Association of Animal Therapists
IAATInterrelations among Intraabdominal Adipose Tissue (clinical nutrition)
IAATInternational Assignment Assessment Tool
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For IAAT, significant positive correlation was observed for fasting plasma glucagon levels with volumes of total IAAT (p < 0.05) and I PAT (p < 0.05) (Figures 4(a) and 4(b)).
In children and adolescents, comparative image studies (directly measuring IAAT) and anthropometric indices (BMI, WC, and WHtR) demonstrate that metabolic alterations and cardiovascular risk factors are correlated more with WC and WHtR than BMI.
"With two radars we can cover most of the Lebanese airspace, so we can provide this information to the [planned upgrades of the] airports at Iaat and Rayak," said Jaber.
It is full of wastewater running from the Iaat wastewater treatment plant," she tells The Daily Star.
NNA - A clash took place Sunday between young men from the town of Btedei and 3 men from Al Jaafar family, in wake of accusing the latter of attacking a vehicle on Iaat - Deir Ahmar Highway driven by young men from the town of Shlifa, NNA correspondent in Baalbek reported.
Last month, four wanted suspects, including prominent fugitive Ali Jaafar, who had 200 arrest warrants in his name, were killed as the Army raided Al-Sharawneh and Iaat in Baalbeck.
This came within the framework of the Army's pursuit of wanted suspects and its fight against organized crimes of all kinds, whereby it executed extensive raids in the region of Baalbek and its surroundings, including the towns of Britel, Dar Wasi'a, Sharawna, Kanisa and Iaat, the Army communique added.
Local media reported that the neighboring town of Iaat was also included in the raid, and that four men were killed in firefights.
Minister Hajj Hassan stressed during a funeral ceremony in the Bekaa village of Iaat that oppositionist's jeopardized the high interest of the country including confessional co-existence for the sake of few votes.
Summary: One of Lebanon's "most prominent" fugitives along with three other wanted men were killed in a Lebanese Army raid in the Baalbeck towns of Al-Sharawneh and Iaat Friday.
In this concern the following projects have been launched: "Re-use of Treated Effluent and Sludge at Iaat Wastewater Treatment Plant project".