IAATOInternational Association of Antarctica Tour Operators
IAATOItalian American Association of the Township of Ocean (New Jersey)
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La fuente mas importante son las estadisticas que elabora la IAATO.
La IAATO establece una clasificacion de las embarcaciones basada en el numero de pasajeros que pueden transportar: hasta 12 pasajeros; entre 13 y 199; entre 200 y 500; y mas de 500.
For the past two seasons, all SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) vessel operators conducting tourism activities in Antarctica have belonged to IAATO, so we are fairly confident that we have a good handle on about 99 per cent of Antarctic tourism.
Currently, there are two companies that conduct Antarctic tourism business in this manner and they both belong to IAATO.
Denise Landau, the Executive Director of IAATO, explains the guidelines: 'It's our business to look after the place.
But if a tourism operator messes up, it's not going to be able to get access and permits, so [the operators] work within the guidelines and IAATO has shown to be good at self-regulating.
IAATO Update: Incident involving the M/S Explorer, 26 November 2007, 1500 hrs GMT.
IAATO provides voluntary guidelines for Antarctic visitors and non-governmental tour organisers, and aims to increase environmental awareness, promote tourist safety and establish a code of behaviour that minimises environmental impacts.
As the ship rolls we sit in her lurching lecture theatre (the seats are firmly secured) for a talk on IAATO regulations.
As far as IAATO knew, all safety features had been checked and any necessary work carried out under the supervision of DNV.
Additionally, IAATO has secured as much information as possible on tour operators who are not IAATO members and their plans for current seasons (IAATO, 2005).
This responsibility falls mainly on IAATO, the organization of which virtually all companies that charter tour vessels are members, and steps have been taken since its founding in 1991 to ensure that proper facilities are provided for all vessels.