IAAWInstitute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (Edmonton, Canada)
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Stanton says "the best we can ask for in this court system" is that the judges carefully read the material that both her organization and IAAW have presented.
The report, a combined effort of a number of organizations including IAAW and the Stolen Sisters and Brothers Awareness Movement, focused on Gladue s treatment and states, "We also express the outrage that was sparked by these injustices and place this outrage in the context of long-standing cries of resistance in a country that insists on perceiving itself in humanitarian terms, but continues to violate the human rights of Indigenous peoples.
It was a goal Stanley Venne was confident IAAW could achieve in 10 years.
It is truly amazing what the IAAW has been able to accomplish.
If that wasn't enough, she is now working with the IAAW, and running her own agency providing intervention, prevention, grief and loss training and cultural awareness training with child and family services, foster workers and parents.
IAAW, also a partner in the venture, delivers a leadership development program designed to help Aboriginal men and women find positions on committees and boards to provide an Aboriginal voice in decision-making.
As one of the partners in the venture, IAAW is delivering a leadership development program, aimed at helping Aboriginal men and women find positions on committees and boards of directors to give Aboriginal voice to decision-making.
The annual Esquao Awards, undertaken by the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women, is part of the recognition and advocacy work undertaken by the IAAW.
A highlight of the evening was the presentation of a $20,000 cheque to the IAAW for the Esquao awards by the City of Edmonton.