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IABPIntra-Aortic Balloon Pump (device for assisting cardiac output in cases of left ventricular heart failure)
IABPIntra-Arterial Blood Pressure
IABPInternational Arctic Buoy Program
IABPInternational Association of Business and Parliament (London, England, UK)
IABPInternational Association of Bérard Practitioners (auditory health treatment)
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Building on successes of previous IABP conferences—held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Leuven, Belgium; Montreal, Canada; Istanbul, Turkey; Kyoto, Japan; and Torino, Italy, the theme of IBPC2018 is "Healthy, Intelligent, and Resilient Buildings and Urban Environments.
The use of IABP has reduced in Oman after various studies and guidelines downgraded its use in cardiogenic shock.
Power, generator and equipment failures meant that the IABP had to be urgently removed on the evening of day 3.
05) thus signifying that diabetics were more prone to the use of IABP as compared to nondiabetics.
On multivariate analysis (Table 3), baseline independent predictors of CI-AKI or higher delta-sCr (at 3-days) included age >65 years, female gender, CCF, STEMI, valvular heart disease or septal defect, IABP insertion, critical illness, PCI, and aortogram.
En el Peru, en un estudio realizado entre junio de 2006 a diciembre de 2007, se aislaron nueve subtipos de virus de IABP por aislamiento viral a partir de muestras fecales de aves silvestres colectadas en zonas de costa (Ghersi et al.
Over the next 24 hours, pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (PCWP) increased from 14 to 24 mm Hg and right atrial pressure went from 7 to 14 mm Hg despite IABP and intropic support.
With its large touchscreen display, dramatically smaller and lighter design and seamless transition from in-hospital use to transport mode, CARDIOSAVE IABP redefines counterpulsation therapy.
Gul was immediately placed on a heart supporting machine called IABP.
IABP predict the development will create around 700 jobs in the next seven years, leading to more than 1200 by 2021.
Critical care transport equipment (ventilator, IABP, neonatal isolette, etc.