IABRInternational Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
IABRIndiana Association of Beverage Retailers (Indianapolis, IN)
IABRInternational Applied Business Research
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By participating in IABR, Sinder encourages other retailers to collaborate in order to understand the current state of the industry and learn best practices for addressing current and future changes.
Finally, for each classification task, the prediction model was obtained choosing the order that maximize the AUC and computing the final model logistic regression coefficients for the aforementioned combination of feature using IABR.
The basic idea of IABR is to utilize the encounter historical information of node and the prior information of buses to predict future contacts by using Bayesian estimation.
[q.sub.5]: End state, representing that the bus node has no packet and station neighbour node; Transition matrix of IABR automaton is as follows:
In previous section, we showed that EDP and ESP of aortic pressure are both decreased after applying IABR which demonstrates the preload and afterload decreases relatively.
Con excepcion de los ecotipos Indio Amarillo de Bariguita (IABr) e Indio Dorado de Jamaica (IDJ), los cuales presentaron un alto valor de similitud (88%), el analisis de agrupamiento permitio la diferenciacion de todos los ecotipos.
P-1 Indio Rojo de Duaba IRD P-2 Enano Amarillo de Malasia LAM P-3 Enano Rojo de Malasia ERM P-4 Indio Amarillo Grande de Sabana IAGS P-5 Indio Rojo de Sabana IRS P-6 Indio Amarillo de Nibujon IAN P-7 Hondureoo Amarillo HA P-8 Indio Rojo de Fruto Grande-1 IRFG-1 P-9 Indio Rojo de Manglito IRMn P-10 Indio Amarillo Grande de Nibujon IAGN P-1 1 Indio Dorado de Jamaica ID] P-12 Indio Amarillo de Bariguita IABr P-13 Indio Rojo de Caibarien IRC P-14 Indio Rojo de Baracoa IRB P-15 Indio Amarillo de Baracoa IAB P-16 Indio Amarillo Dorado IAD abla 2.
The IABR's membership is very strong on a per-capita basis, with nearly 50% of state retailers participating in the association.
On the other hand, it was possible to successfully wean off cardiopulmonary bypass on every patient without the requirement of an IABR and also confirm a decrease in both catecholamine need and permanence in the intensive care unit.
In their study patients were prospectively selected to receive LS in addition to conventional inotropic support (epinephrine and dobutamine) and IABR The patients were randomized to receive LS in the operating theatre during the operation or in the intensive care unit the second postoperative day.