IABSEInternational Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering
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The Outstanding Structure Award, established in 1998, is among the highest distinctions bestowed by the IABSE.
In presenting the award, IABSE described the project as "a museum expansion expressing art, dramatic architecture and complementary structure including a unique brise soleil, a sunscreen which opens and closes as a unique moving sculpture.
He is a member of IABSE (International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering), and a member of IABMAS (International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety).
September 9-11, 2009 33rd IABSE International Bangkok,
of the IABSE Symposium, Kobe, Japan: Selected papers, vol.
The IABSE archive covers a broad range of topics dealing with structures (such as bridges, highrise and industrial buildings, and sports stadiums), materials (such as concrete, steel, composites, timber, glass, and plastics), and phases of the construction process (such as planning design, construction, operation, monitoring, maintenance, rehabilitation, and demolition).
Risk compensation in execution phase: from bottleneck to inertia, IABSE Conference Report: Safety, Risk and Reliability--Trends in Engineering, Malta, 2001, 423-424.
September 17th Congress of IABSE Creating and Renewing
of IABSE Conference Cable Supported Bridges--Challenging Technical Limits, 12-14 June 2001, Seoul, Korea.