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IACIndustry Advisory Council
IACInterActiveCorp (stock symbol)
IACInternational Advisory Committee (PSSC)
IACInstituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (Spanish: Astrophysics Institute of the Canary Islands)
IACIn Any Case
IACInternational Association of Coaching
IACInternational Action Center
IACInformation Analysis Center (DACS)
IACInternational Aerobatic Club
IACIndiana Arts Commission
IACInternational Academy of Ceramics
IACInterpret As Command (TELNET protocol)
IACIndirect Air Carrier
IACInternational Academy of Consciousness
IACIndustry Advisory Committee
IACInternational Agricultural Centre
IACInter Agency Committee
IACIndividual Assistance Center (US FEMA)
IACInstitut für Anorganische Chemie (Kiel, Germany)
IACInternal Auditory Canal
IACInter-Application Communication
IACInterapplication Communication (Apple)
IACInternational Academy of Cytology
IACInternational Access Code
IACIrish Air Corps
IACIraq Action Coalition
IACIowa Arts Council
IACIndustries Assistance Commission
IACInternational Armoring Corporation (Ogden, Utah)
IACIndustrial Arbitration Court (Singapore)
IACInterstate Athletic Conference
IACIdaho Association of Counties
IACInternational Association for Counselling
IACIntelligent Automation Corporation (San Diego, California)
IACInstrument Approach Chart (aviation)
IACInternational Association for Cybernetics
IACInteragency Committee on School Construction
IACInternational Auctioneer Championship
IACInternal Audit Committee
IACInternational Adoption Center
IACInternet Access Coalition
IACInstituto Agronomico Campinas (Brazil)
IACIntegrated Avionics Computer
IACIslamic Association of China
IACInterior-Aleutians Campus (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
IACIraqi Assistance Center
IACInstitute for Antiquity and Christianity
IACIndian Airlines Corporation (ICAO code)
IACInternational Agricultural Center (The Netherlands)
IACIntelligence Analysis Center
IACInternational Armaments Cooperation
IACInternet Application Component
IACInvestment Advice Certificate
IACInfrastructure Advisory Committee
IACImperfect Authentic Cadence (music)
IACIntertribal Agricultural Council
IACInstrução de Aviação Civil (Brasil)
IACInstituto Colombiano de Codificación y Automatización Comercial (Bogotá, Colombia)
IACIFOAM Accreditation Criteria
IACInternational Academy Council
IACInitial Alignment Control
IACInstitutional Actions Council (Higher Learning Commission)
IACIndustry Advisory Conference (Ul)
IACIssuer Action Code(s)
IACInvestors Association of Canada
IACInstitute for Atmosphere and Climate (ETH Zurich)
IACIndirect Adaptive Control
IACInternet Advisory Committee (Canada)
IACIndependent Assurance Contractor
IACInterexchange Access Customer (Bellcore)
IACIndustrial Accident Commission
IACInstrument on A Card
IACIntelligent Access Controller (Sprint)
IACIndustrial Application Center
IACInstantaneous Airborne Count
IACInfostructure Architecture Council (USAF)
IACIndividual Activity Code (electronic access code)
IACIntelligent Asynchronous Controller
IACIntegrating Associate Contractor
IACInterstate Assurance Company
IACInitial Approach Course
IACIntelligence Analysis Cell
IACIntegrated Access Controller (AT&T)
IACInternational Accounting Centre
IACIndependent Action Center
IACInternational Arms Cooperation
IACInstrument Alignment Cube
IACIn Awhile Crocodile
IACInterim Acceptance Criterion
IACInstituto de Ação Cultural (Portuguese: Institute of Cultural Action; Brazil)
IACInbound Approach Course
IACISDN Access Controller
IACInstructor Aircraft Commander (military pilot course)
IACIntegration, Assembly & Checkout
IACInter-Enterprise Application Cooperation
IACInter-Array Communication/Correlation
IACInmate Advisory Committee
IACInformation Assurance and Compliance
IACIndustrial Analysis Centre (Canada)
IACIsraeli Awareness Commission
IACInternational Alliance for Children, Inc. (New Milford, CT)
IACIndependent Auditing Consulting (Vietnam)
IACImmunization Action Coalition
IACInstitutional Assessment and Compliance (South Carolina)
IACInfidels Are Cool (political blog)
IACInvestment Advisory Committee
IACInternational Aviation Consultants (partnership)
IACIndependent Artists Company
IACIndian Affairs Committee (various organizations)
IACInternational Affairs Committee
IACInternational Astronautical Congress
IACIllinois Administrative Code
IACInternational Antarctic Centre (New Zealand)
IACIdentified Alien Craft (UFO community's slang for a UFO operated by US Government)
IACIdle Air Control (automotive)
IACImage Analysis Center
IACIdaho Accelerator Center (Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID)
IACIt's A Crime (game)
IACIndependent Anglican Church (Canada Synod)
IACInter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles (treaty)
IACInstrumental Analytical Chemistry (various organizations)
IACInternational Armed Conflict
IACI Am Confused
IACIsrael Action Committee (various locations)
IACInheritance of Acquired Characteristics (adaptation theory)
IACItalian American Club (various locations)
IACInternational Aerosol Conference (International Aerosol Research Assembly)
IACInterdepartmental Analytical Center (Russia)
IACInternational Anti-Corruption (corporate corruption)
IACIrving Arts Center (Irving, TX)
IACIdentity and Access Control
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As stated earlier, the relationships that the USAF builds with other nations' air forces through IAC agreements are the critical enablers for an expeditionary air force fighting a sustained global war.
Phage IAC DNA was purified from suspensions in SM buffer (200 [micro]L) or from clinical specimens, either manually with use of the High Pure Viral Nucleic Acid Kit (Roche, Applied Science), or by an automated process using the MagNA Pure LC Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (Roche) on the MagNA Pure LC instrument (software version 2.
As selecoes IAC 464-9, IAC 165-9, IAC 26566, IAC 677-13 e IAC 1467-170 apresentaram maior producao media no primeiro ano de avaliacao, nao diferindo estatisticamente da nespereira 'Mizuho' (Tabela 3).
IAC offers a wide selection of aircrafts from six to 40-seat planes.
High-resolution computed tomography (CT) detected a lesion in the left IAC with a signal of -29 to -109 Hounsfield units (figure 1A).
The information revolution is rapidly expanding into regions that were previously inaccessible, and Digital Island will play a crucial role in helping IAC rapidly establish a competitive presence worldwide.
We are extremely pleased to announce our marketing and reinsurance agreements with The Plateau Group," said Jim Harlin, President and Chief Executive Officer of IAC.
According to this deal, part of the staff of the IAC sales and marketing, that supports the credit and group mortgage insurance, and also debt protection programs will form part of the Plateau Group's team.
IAC is developing the $138 million, 190,000-square-foot building on Eleventh Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets in Chelsea in partnership with The Georgetown Company (TGC), a privately-held diversified real estate company based in Manhattan.
IAC offers 3-day delivery for its most popular booths, and the company has enhanced its current inventory levels to meet the increasing demand for its 250 and 400 Series test rooms.
Information Access Company (IAC) has announced an agreement with the state of Oregon that will link 28 public and academic libraries in the state to IAC databases through IAC's InfoTrac SearchBank.
Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, GT is one of the leading providers of sound and emissions control solutions to the North American energy, power, and heavy transportation industries and will become a subsidiary of IAC.