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IACAInternational Air Carrier Association
IACAInternational Association of Crime Analysts
IACAIndian Arts and Crafts Association
IACAInternational Association of Commercial Administrators (formerly National Association of State Corporation Administrators)
IACAInternational Association for Caribbean Archaeology (Trinidad & Tobago)
IACAInternational Air Cargo Association
IACAIndian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990
IACAInternational Association of Consulting Actuaries (International Actuaries Association; Canada)
IACAIranian American Community Alliance (Seattle, WA)
IACAInterior Alaska Cancer Association (Fairbanks, AK)
IACAInternational Association for Christian Action
IACAInternational Academy of Comprehensive Aesthetics
IACAInternational Air Cargo Assistance
IACAInternational Air Charter Association
IACAIndian American Catholic Association (Washington, DC)
IACAInstitute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists (Carlingford, NSW, Australia)
IACAInternational A-Class Catamaran Association
IACAIndiana Association of Chinese Americans
IACAIdaho Association of County Assessors
IACAInter-Agency Communications Agency
IACAIntegrated Active Circulator Antenna
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Jansen said, van Wyk will be tasked with promoting membership and networking within African judiciaries as well as recruiting and appointing board members to the African Board of IACA, something she very excited about.
The IACA prohibits the offer or display for sale, or the sale of goods in a manner that falsely suggests that it is Indian produced, an Indian product, or the product of a particular Indian and Indian tribe.
The Pakistan resolution was co-sponsored by several IACA Parties, namely Austria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Russian Federation and Turkey.
It can be seen from Figures 5 and 6 that the optimization probability of the TSABC algorithm is better than that of the IACA algorithm and ABC algorithm.
Specifically, we're very proud of our contribution to the IACA Award for 'Best New Banknote' which was given to the Swiss series.
It became a signatory to the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in October 2016 and ratified the Arab Anti-Corruption Convention on 13 February 2017.
the International Association of Court Administrators (IACA), said: "As
Building on successful digital courts projects such as the DIFC Courts' Smart Small Claims Tribunal (SCT), the DIFC Dispute Resolution Authority (DRA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Microsoft -- during the International Association of Court Administrators (IACA) in Washington, DC.
In an award ceremony held during the 8th annual conference of International Association for Court Administration (IACA) in Washington, Chief Judge Mohammad Mubarak Al Suboosi, Head of Dubai Commercial Court, received the award.
LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines and the 16 members of the International Air Carrier Association (IACA) have officially transformed the association into the Airlines International Representation in Europe (Aire).
Indirect antibody capture assay (IACA) showed that the antibodies are generated in chickens against injected rabies viral antigens.