IACAInternational Air Carrier Association
IACAInternational Association of Crime Analysts
IACAIndian Arts and Crafts Association
IACAInternational Association of Commercial Administrators (formerly National Association of State Corporation Administrators)
IACAInternational Association for Caribbean Archaeology (Trinidad & Tobago)
IACAInternational Air Cargo Association
IACAIndian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990
IACAInternational Association of Consulting Actuaries (International Actuaries Association; Canada)
IACAIranian American Community Alliance (Seattle, WA)
IACAInterior Alaska Cancer Association (Fairbanks, AK)
IACAInternational Association for Christian Action
IACAInternational Academy of Comprehensive Aesthetics
IACAInternational Air Cargo Assistance
IACAInternational Air Charter Association
IACAIndian American Catholic Association (Washington, DC)
IACAInstitute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists (Carlingford, NSW, Australia)
IACAIndiana Association of Chinese Americans
IACAInternational A-Class Catamaran Association
IACAIdaho Association of County Assessors
IACAIntegrated Active Circulator Antenna
IACAInter-Agency Communications Agency
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The Assembly of Parties of the IACA is the annual policy consultation meeting of parties to the organization.
There's the highly sophisticated KINEGRAM VOLUME stripes on the new Swiss series, which received the IACA award as Best New Banknotes.
We want to improve the way we work in relation to this matter and IACA will provide our governmental officials concerned with the necessary training that will help improve their work.
First hypothesis: lack of enough training courses is the reason of non-familiarity of the IACA members with computer auditing.
Hay que recordar que el puntaje del IACA refleja varios aspectos de la practica alimentaria, entre ellos la frecuencia de alimentacion, la lactancia, uso de biberon, y la cantidad y variedad de alimentos consumidos.
The IACA is the legal basis for paying claims under status of forces agreements (SOFA) and other stationing agreements.
Fifteen percent auctioning in 2012 is unaffordable and unacceptable for our airlines given today's high fuel prices and weakening demand," said IACA Director General Sylviane Lust.
The transport ministry has set rating of the country's airlines based on their performance under INACA (Indonesia National Air Carrier Association) I as well those serving chartered flights grouped in IACA (Indonesia Air Charter Association).
La informacion obtenida se transformo en un indice de adecuacion de consumo de alimentos (IACA) conforme a la edad del nino; este indicador se deriva de la propuesta de Ruel y Menon (2002), haciendosele los ajustes necesarios para la poblacion estudiada; el puntaje del IACA oscila entre 0 y 12 puntos.
Sylviane Lust, IACA Director General, commented: "These fees fly in the face of the standards set by the aviation industry on charges and raise some serious questions.
IACA has some very good information on its site (http://www.
2005 IACA, 21st Congress of the International Association for Caribbean Archeology.