IACBIndian Arts and Crafts Board
IACBInn at Cannon Beach (Oregon)
IACBIndirect Access Call Barring
IACBInternal Audit Coordination Board (Turkey)
IACBIntercrop Agri Commodities Brokerage (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
IACBInter-Agency Consultative Board (United Nations Development Programme)
IACBInter-American Coffee Board (UN)
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In current form, the IACA authorizes the IACB to register a genuineness and quality "trademark owned by the Government in the United States Patent and Trademark without charge and assign it and the goodwill associated with it to an individual Indian or Indian tribe without charge.
Today, the IACB estimates annual sales at one billion dollars.
It is unclear from Calac's statement just how broadly defined the IACB thought the term "Indian" should be.
As noted earlier, the 2000 amendments instruct the IACB to promulgate additional regulations providing examples of "Indian product.
As of May 17, 2000, the IACB had received 45 complaints.
The IACB and [the Interior Department's] Office of the Solicitor have met with the Department of Justice's Office of Tribal Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division, Executive Office for U.
For a detailed history of the early years of the IACB, see ROBERT FAY SCHRADER, THE INDIAN ARTS AND CRAFTS BOARD: AN ASPECT OF NEW DEAL INDIAN POLICY (1983).
According to Schrader, the initial efforts of the IACB were unsuccessful because the Board's leadership emphasized a "purist" approach, which emphasized adherence to rigid standards for Native artisans.
TO be eligible, the enterprise must: (1) have its own registered trademark, (2) offer for sale only "genuine Native American handcraft products," (3) be "entirely Native American owned and controlled," and (4) agree to apply the IACB certification mark only to products that meet the standards of quality agreed upon with the Indian Arts and Crafts Board at the time of application for certification.
The chair of the IACB testified about these deficiencies at the May 2000 Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Oversight Hearing on Indian Arts and Crafts, and explicitly offered to provide statutory language to amend the IACA.
In devising the trademark registration program, the IACB may well decide to use the Act's definitions of "Indian," "Indian tribe," and "Indian arts and crafts organization.