IACCPInternational Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology
IACCPInnovation Access Program (Australia)
IACCPInter-American Council of Commerce and Production
IACCPInvestment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional (Center for Compliance Professionals, National Regulatory Services)
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Through the IACCP and the IACCT, the community colleges were able to support a common statewide legislative agenda.
In 2004, through an initiative of the IACCP, the community colleges would finally meet success in forming and implementing a consortium to provide state-wide employers one-point of contact for training: the One Source Training Consortium.
(1982), Work Values and Work Value Conflict in South African Organisations, IACCP Congress, Aberdeen, July.
Invited Symposium at the19th International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP), Bremen, Germany, 27-31 July 2008.