IACDInternational Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology
IACDInternational Association for Community Development
IACDIndian Association of Chiropractic Doctors
IACDInternational Association of Clothing Designers
IACDInstitute of Asian Culture and Development
IACDInternational Association of Cat Doctors
IACDInternational Alliance of Constitutional Dictatorships
IACDInfection Associée a Clostridium Difficile (bacterial infection)
IACDInternet Audio CD
IACDIndian Association for Chest Diseases
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En el tratamiento 1 fueron incluidas vacas que al momento de la ecografia presentaron CL; se aplico una dosis de PGF2[alfa] (enantiomero dextrogiro del cloprostenol, 2 ml por dosis, concentracion de 0,075 mg/ml), por via intramuscular y a partir del dia siguiente se realizo IACD por el sistema AM-PM por siete dias (n=66).
As part of the next stop of the IACD project, an intervention is currently underway in a number of health clinics to better establish the clinical outcomes of patients interacting with HCPs who have received this intervention.
IACD, celebrated each year on 9th December, aims at attracting attention about corruption; a source of deep concern and worry for many countries in the world.
Moreover, in August 2006, a group of 927 Korean evangelicals, sponsored by IACD, went to Afghanistan for a "peace march" only to face deportation by the Afghan government.
Since IACD guidelines could add 15 to 20 percent to the cost of a mission, few companies are likely to adopt them on a voluntary basis.
In mid-August, as IACD's first summer was winding down, we met on the Harvard campus to talk about her brainchild, its origins, its inaugural session and its long-term objectives.
Beneficiaries of AfDB-financed contracts have to adhere to the highest ethical standards", Anna Bossman, Director of IACD, said.
THE OAS INTER-American Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD) and the Venezuela-based Fundacion Cisneros will work together to expand distance-learning programs in Latin America.