IACHEIranian Association of Chemical Engineers
IACHEInstitute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education
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All we were playing in a lovely meadow, Leucippe (9) and Phaeno and Electra and Ianthe, Melita also and Iache with Rhodea and Callirhoe and Melobosis and Tyche and Ocyrhoe, fair as a flower, Chryseis, Ianeira, Acaste and Admete and Rhodope and Pluto and charming Calypso; Styx too was there and Urania and lovely Galaxaura with Pallas who rouses battles and Artemis delighting in arrows: we were playing and gathering sweet flowers in our hands, soft crocuses mingled with irises and hyacinths, and rose-blooms and lilies, marvellous to see, and the narcissus which the wide earth caused to grow yellow as a crocus.
Inventario de Atitudes e Comportamentos Habituais de Estudo (IACHE) (Tavares, Almeida, Vasconcelos & Bessa, 2003) 5.
Detection of iAChE organophosphate resistance in Bactrocera oleae from Turkey, XXIII Int.