IACIIrish American Cultural Institute (Morristown, NJ)
IACIIran Aircraft Industries
IACIIdaho Association of Commerce & Industry
IACIInternational Association for Craniofacial Identification
IACIIntra-Articular Corticosteroid Injection
IACIIndustrial Acoustics Company, Inc. (stock symbol)
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IACI's annual meeting in June is intended to focus on workforce and education and how to deal with it, and the organization is likely to develop a new five-year plan on career pathways and lifelong education, LaBeau said.
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O istorie a constituponalismului romanesc, Iaci: Polirom Publishing.
Iaci and Singh (2012) noted that clustering or grouping customers by simplistic measures such as zip code or ranked sales can not only ignore a large amount of useful business data but also fail to properly treat the sparse and large dimensional data sets for subsequent analysis (e.g., a data set with 90% zero entries).
IACI was founded by the late stock market veteran Irving Ackerman, one of the pillars of the old Makati Stock Exchange.
Restructurare teritoriala si schimbare politica, Iaci: Institutul European.
Sunridge manager Steve Man iaci said, "We have tested and found absolutely zero red blotch-positive vines in our Bakersfield certified increase blocks." The company won't accept scion wood for grafting unless it's certified, he added.
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Joseph A Miceli, chief executive officer of Airline Hydraulics, said, 'We are pleased to have IACI and their dedicated team become a part of the Airline Hydraulics organisation.
Tickers featured: 005930.KS, 2498.TW, AAPL, AIT, BA, DGIT, GOOG, GPC, HSNI, IACI, IDCC, IILG, ITT, KAMN, LPL, LYV, MMI, NOK, QCOM, sne, TREE, YHOO.
According to a Saudi media, the Jeddah-based International Bunkering Company (IBCO), which owns the tanker, has been working with its insurer- Saudi IACI Cooperative Insurance Company (SALAMA), to secure an early release of the bunker barge.