IACMInternational Association for Cannabis as Medicine
IACMInternational Association for Computational Mechanics
IACMInternational Association of Color Manufacturers (Washington, DC)
IACMIdle Air Control Motor
IACMIndustry Advisory Committee Meeting
IACMInstituto de Aviação Civil de Moçambique (Portuguese: Institute of Civil Aviation of Mozambique)
IACMInter-Action Complexity Metric
IACMInternal Access Control Mechanism
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PM Modi deeply understands these problems and started this campaign on skill development, as a result in a very less time large number of families have become economically strong." While appreciating the work of IACM he also said "IACM is a leading organization and is participating in success of PMKVY Project."
To maximize the impact of this global movement, the DOH has also declared the preceding week of the IACM, from May 11-15, 2015, as national HIV testing week where simultaneous HIV testing activities throughout the region will be conducted this week.
Among his many accomplishments are receiving NACM's CCE Designation of Excellence Award in 1999 and IACM's Credit Executive of the Year Award in 2001.
All these data should make government and nongovernment organisations in the Philippines actively participate in the 31st observation of IACM, one of the world's longest running groups engaged in mobilisation campaign against the spread of HIV-Aids, said members of the Philippine National Aids Council (PNAC) and National Youth Commission (NYC).
The alcoholic solutions of THC can either be used orally or inhaled by using a vaporizer (IACM 2009).
(a/) 1 componentes extraidos MATRIZ DE COMPONENTES DESARROLLO SOCIAL (/a) Componente 1 2 3 iacm 0,101 0,446 0,807 iaam -0,697 0,283 0,324 iaen 0,491 -0,459 0,424 iesm 0,558 -0,639 0,159 iam15 0,901 -0,163 -0,031 iass 0,827 0,295 0,316 ivp 0,526 0,652 -0,179 ihca 0,794 0,371 -0,368 Metodo de extraccion: Analisis de Componentes Principales (a/) 3 componentes extraidos MATRIZ DE COMPONENTES DIMENSION AMBIENTAL (/a) Componente 1 2 ihvsad 0,862 0,224 irpb 0,829 -0,28 iueg -0,561 -0,423 iuaav 0,021 0,856 icaa 0,485 -0,715 Arboles por hab 0,215 0,602 Metodo de extraccion: Analisis de Componentes Principales.
On Difficulty Levels in Non Linear Finite Element Analysis of Solids, IACM Expressions, Bulletin of the International Association for Computational Mechanics, 2: 6-8.
International Association of Catholic Missiologists (IACM, www.iacmcatholic.com), which had its inaugural assembly in Rome in October 2000, promotes missiological research and seeks to encourage scholarly collaboration among Catholic missiologists.
Optimization of grillage-type foundations, in Proceeding of 2nd European ECCOMAS and IACM Conference "Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering".
1993 President of the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM)
"Taking Stereotypes out of Stereotype Threat: The Effect of Role-Based Expectations." Paper presented at the 16th Annual IACM Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2003.