IACMLInter-American Conference of Ministers of Labour
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Third, the XVII IACML will playa decisive role in reinforcing cooperation among ministries of labor, employers, and workers--cooperation that has been achieved through the Inter-American Network for Labor Administration.
The IACML is an Americas forum of Labour Ministers under the auspices of the Organization of American States.
The first meeting of the IACML was held in Colombia in 1963 and the last in Ottawa, Canada, in 2001.
The IACML is supported by three advisory bodies: the Permanent Technical Committee on Labour Matters, which includes labour officials from the member countries; the Trade Union Technical Advisory Council, formed by worker groups from across the hemisphere; and the Technical Business Advisory Committee of Labour Affairs, comprised of employers' representatives.
Canada's Minister of Labour has served as Chair of the Conference since October 2001, when she hosted the XII IACML in Ottawa.
At the XIII IACML, labour ministers of the countries of the Americas adopted the Salvador Declaration and Plan of Action, which builds upon the themes of the Ottawa Conference.
Members of the media are reminded to adhere to the XII IACML media registration and accreditation policy posted on the Conference Web site at www.
Hosting the XII IACML is an important event for the Labour Program and Canadian workers, who celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Labour in Canada just last year.
The IACML is held every few years by the Organization of American States (OAS) to promote hemispheric co-operation on labour issues.
Over 200 participants from OAS-member countries are expected to attend the XII IACML.
The XII IACML will mark the third occasion since the First Summit of the Americas in 1994 that labour ministers meet to assess the labour dimension of the increasingly important Summit of the Americas process, which includes the potential Free Trade Area of the Americas.