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IACRInternational Association for Cryptologic Research
IACRInternational Association of Cancer Registries (est.1966)
IACRInternational Association for Critical Realism (UK)
IACRIranian Assets Control Regulations (US Department of the Treasury)
IACRInstitute for Arable Crops Research
IACRIrish Association for Cancer Research
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ETSI, IACR, ISO, and NIST participant) If you look at the quoted case about the Bahamas network, (7) it was exactly that lawful interception interface that apparently was abused [by the NSA] in order to take a full take on all the mobile calls in the Bahamas for a month or two.
Hee, "A new approach to discrete logarithm problem with auxiliary inputs," IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive 2012:609, 2012.
Registros poblacionales de cancer en Colombia Area geografica Ano Poblacion (% Pais) inicio 2005 Indexados en IACR Bucaramanga 2000 1'094.
One Rexroth IACR proportional hydraulic valve is assigned to each rolling axis of motion on the machine.
IACR (International Association of Cancer Registries).
Traits were subjected to analysis of variance with the Genstat 5 package (Lawes Agricultural Trust, IACR, Rothamstead, UK).
The third day is considered to be the most gruelling, with all competitors having to run 30 miles or risk being thrown out of the race Dr Edwards said: 'When I heard of the great work done by scientists funded by the IACR I wanted to help.
Agriknowledge is a Defrabacked project involving Adas, Morley Farm Research Centre, HGCA, IACR Rothamsted and Nottingham University, and the roadshows were the culmination of a pounds 280,000 Agriknowledge project funded by Defra, following extensive research by the University of Nottingham, involving more than 3,500 farmers.
To purchase a National Eagle collection capability (DAS) for the 152 IS, Reno ANG, NV (under step one - IACR, above), and an Eagle Vision system (both segments - DAS and DIS) for the 240 CBCS, McEntire ANG, South Carolina (under step two).
CABI (International Mycological Institute); Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association; ERVL (Central Public Health Laboratory); Hammersmith Hospital (MRC Clinical Sciences Research Centre); IACR Rothamsted Experimental Station; ICSM, Charing Cross Hospital (Medical Microbiology); Queens University of Belfast (Food Microbiology); RHM Technologies Ltd.
Improvement of Das's two-factor authentication protocol in wireless sensor networks," IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, vol.
Baretto, "Demonstrating data possession and uncheatable data transfer," in IACR Eprint Archive, International Association for Cryptologic Research, 2006.