IADAInternationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Archiv (German: International Archives Association; est. 1957; Switzerland)
IADAInternational Anti-Doping Arrangement (athletics; est. 1991; various countries)
IADAIntra-Asia Discussion Agreement (shipping)
IADAIowa Agricultural Development Authority
IADAIndependent Automotive Damage Appraisers Association
IADAInterior Arrangement and Design Association (Dallas, TX, USA)
IADAIsrael Anti-Drug Authority (est. 1988)
IADAInternational Academy for Dental Advancement (Florida)
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This study focused on the paddy farmers which are from three granaries: IADA Seberang Perak, IADA Sungai Manik and IADA Kerian.
Segun los porcentajes de interrupcion escolar promedio en cuatro institutos, IADA, ICB, ICSA, y IIT que se muestran en las Figuras 1, 2, 3 y 4 (12) respectivamente.
Chris Rice--Managing Director of Optibelt (UK) received the award on behalf of his team from Mike Casson--Chairman of IADA, saying "That having only just become a principal supplier to the IADA group a short while ago, it is an honour and testament to Optibelt's brand credentials, to be recognised as having consistently offered an exceptional customer service, in terms of our product quality, performance, stock availability and delivery".
In the past the IADA conducted a comprehensive survey of drug usage every four years, the last one was completed in 2009.
The IADA is an agreement between the United States, forty-eight States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
Legally Permissible Use: Restrictions encumbering the site are those previously outlined and specified in the 1973 deed and the 2000 IADA.
And in her capacity as managing director of IADA, she is working on audio descriptions for the movies Purely Belter, Dancing In The Dark and The House of Mirth.
The distribution of respondents for this study are as per below 462 for MADA, 202 for KADA and 144 for IADA Barat Laut.
In a difficult industrial market, the group has managed to grow its revenues through several clever business decisions, such as the launch of the 2015/16 catalogues, the acquisition of Albroco Limited, a supplier of the year award from the IADA group and a new website project.
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice, the IADA coordinates cross-ministerial development, management and implementation of all anti-drug activity on the part of the GOI.
Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers, known throughout the appraisal realm simply as IADA, is an association committed to implementing the latest technologies to continue to reduce the cost of vehicle repairs.
The IADA stresses the importance of community-wide participatory approach to countering drug abuse, and has developed regional and local programs addressing the unique needs of each community.