IADAAInternational Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (Netherlands)
IADAAIndependent Automotive Damage Appraisers Association
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53) See 'Due Diligence when making purchases' in The Value of Codes of Ethics, Statement of IADAA at the Conference on 'Governance of Cultural Property: Preservation and Recovery' in Basel on 29-30 Sept.
As well as obligatory IADAA membership, the fair further hones its ethical credentials with support from The Art Loss Register and the presence of The Ralf Kotalla Laboratory for Thermoluminescence Analysis, whose process is able to determine the age of objects (www.
BAAF has chosen to select its exhibitors strictly from the members of IADAA (International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art)--'we only want the best' says Mr Geerling, who is also vice-chairman of the association.