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IADCInternational Association of Drilling Contractors
IADCInternational Association of Defense Counsel
IADCInter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee
IADCInter-American Defense College
IADCInternational Association of Dredging Companies
IADCInter-Agency Defense Command (Wonder Woman cartoon)
IADCInduced After Death Communication
IADCInter-American Democratic Charter
IADCIndiana Alzheimer Disease Center
IADCIndo Argyle Diamond Council
IADCInternational Automobile Driver's Club
IADCInternational Aviation Development Corporation
IADCInter-American Defense Conference
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Separate from the IADC campaign, ESA will regularly update ESA Member State civil authorities with detailed information on the reentry, as it does during all such events,' the news release said.
In the merits amicus brief in these consolidated cases, reproduced here, the IADC argues that under the Federal Arbitration Act, arbitration agreements must be enforced according to their terms unless this enforcement mandate is overridden by a contrary congressional command, as set forth in CompuCredit Corp.
The mission of IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) is to improve drilling and completion technology for helping oil companies in their jobs through published classification charts and tables.
Smith and Edward McCullough director senior partner, were at the IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia & Pacific 2015 Conference, Shangri-La hotel, Kuala Lumpur, showcasing the company's services and capabilities.
We look forward to working with Mike and the committee on their IADC and Prestige events again next year.
IADC operations and accreditation group vice-president Steve Kropla earlier welcomed the minister and said the oil and gas industry is still recovering from the greatest global economic shock of more than 75 years.
An IADC white paper on the proposed trip cited environmental reasons for cooperation between the U.
GDCPL has already obtained IADC Registration and has become a registered drilling contractor on the IADC member directory 2008 bearing registration No.
The first data was named as IADC [13,14] set, the second data was named as rate of penetration (ROP) set, and the third data was bit cost set.
The book was developed under the auspices of the IADC Technical Publications Committee.
are older), the IADC is a joint and international military senior-service college, born from the Inter-American Defense Board and the Organization of American States in 1962.
It was an emotional day for me," says Castilho, a forty-eight-year-old Sao Paolo native now serving as an IADC advisor.