IADPInter-American Driving Permit (identity document)
IADPInitial Attack Dispatcher
IADPImmigration Authority Delegation Program
IADPIowans against the Death Penalty (est. 1962; West Des Moines, IA)
IADPIntensive Agricultural District Program (India)
IADPInternational Advanced Degrees Program (Keio University; Kanagawa, Japan)
IADPInternational Association of Development Professionals (Nairobi, Kenya)
IADPImpact Assessment and Design Process (Red Hill Valley Project; Canada)
IADPIntegrated Agricultural/Rural Development Project
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The estimates of the effects of being in an IADP area also differ across the transfer and loan log-odds equations in a way consistent with the distinction between credit and insurance.
The remaining rows then indicate the effects on the probabilities of: (3) marrying off a daughter (adding a nonresident daughter and reducing the number of resident females by one), (4) importing a daughter-in-law (adding a married female and a resident female), (5) exporting a son (reducing the number of adult males by one and adding a nonresident male), and (5) moving the household to an IADP district.
In contrast, the results in row (6) indicate that the effect of moving a household with the same structure and experiencing the same negative earnings shock to an IADP district would lower the probability of receiving a transfer by almost one percentage point, or by 21 percent.
However, a household with average characteristics in an IADP district with a two standard-deviation negative earnings shock has a probability of receiving a loan that is three percentage points higher than an otherwise identical household outside the IADP area.
I also test whether in fact, among observationally identical households, those in IADP areas were more likely to be using HYV seeds.
Table 4 Two-Stage Maximum-Likelihood Probit Estimates: Determinants of Adoption of High-Yielding Seed Varieties(a) Variable IADP .
6) As expected, however, IADP appears to have had no effect on the absence of daughters, who leave the home when marrying.
In particular, is the reduced value of insurance capital in IADP areas suggested by the prior results manifested in less resources going to women within households?