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IADRInternational Association for Dental Research
IADRInstitute for Advanced Dispute Resolution (Colorado)
IADRIowa Association for Dispute Resolution (est. 1994)
IADRInstitute for Animal Disease Research (UK)
IADRIdiosyncratic Adverse Drug Reaction
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However, few students knew about the WHO and FDI global goal for oral health as well as the role of IADR and FDI on global oral health.
An IADR was installed to condition the ORNL Combined Heating and Power Laboratory where it has been instrumented and continuously monitored over the past two years.
The IADR mission highlights the importance of advancing research and broadening knowledge to improve oral health worldwide, by opening avenues of communication and oral health support programs, especially in less developed regions, and by strengthening partnerships with other social stakeholders, whether institutional or community-based.
org) and IADR (International Association of Dental Research) (www.
METHODS: A literature search was carried out using seven databases (Medline, EMBASE, LILACS, The Cochrane Library, Pascal, IADR Abstracts and Current Contents), with no language restrictions.
Tay F R, Wei S HY, Pashley D H ,Carvalho RM: Ultrastructure of resin-enamel bonds in unground enamel-occlusal fissures IADR 2003, Goteborg, Sweden, #0718
Abdul Samad Khan mentioned that in 2010 we took initiative and started the process of establishment of IADR in Pakistan and The Pakistan Section was established in March 2011 to provide a platform for dental researchers in Pakistan to present and discuss their research work.
In 2011, Brazilian Oral Research--BOR made great advances in the form of broader dissemination and greater International penetration, largely as a result of participation in meetings of the IADR and the Associacao Brasileira de Editores Cientificos (ABEC--Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors).