IADSAInternational Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations
IADSAIntra-Aortic Digital Subtraction Angiography (cardiology)
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Joining IADSA are the Turkish nutrition trade body GTBD, which is based in Ankara, and the Colombian organization ANDI located in Bogota.
With the affiliation of Colombia and Turkey, the total number of IADSA member associations has increased to 42, drawn from 32 countries on six continents.
IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations) brings together national associations and businesses from all over the world.
The new body has enabled the Turkish sector, alongside IADSA, to collaborate more closely and constructively with the government to ensure a smooth transition from the system previously in place.
IADSA will continue to work cooperatively with regulators and other decisionmakers all over the world to find solutions to the challenges both governments and companies are facing.
IADSA is constantly seeking ways in which to improve standards within the global industry and demonstrate that dietary supplements are a category of products that deserve the trust of decision-makers in government.
The endorsement of our program by IADSA signifies not only the global nature of the problem of adulteration in the botanical supply chain, but also rep resents the concerns of many responsible, forward-thinking members of the herb and dietary supplement industry in 33 countries regarding this significant problem, and their confidence in and cooperation with the educational work we are doing," said Mr.
The second award was presented to Peter Berry Ottaway who has been a key technical advisor to IADSA since its creation.
ALANUR, with the support of IADSA, will continue working on the approximation of criteria to serve as a reference point for food supplement regulations across Latin America," she added.
In this sense, ALANUR and IADSA will continue providing technical support to authorities, and also through the organization of events that permit the flow of information for building responsible practices through the promotion of science, quality and safety in relation to food supplements.
IADSA is an international association regarding the globalization of food supplement markets.
We are pleased that the CCFA had agreed to prioritize the evaluation of magnesium stearate in 2013, as it is essential for the production of supplement tablets and there is no effective alternative that will achieve the same function," said IADSA chairman Peter Zambetti.