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IAEInstitut d'Administration des Entreprises (France)
IAEInstitute of Applied Energy (Japan)
IAEImpuesto de Actividades Económicas
IAEInternational Aero Engines
IAEIntegrated Acquisition Environment
IAEInstitute of Advanced Energy (Kyoto University; Japan)
IAEIn Any Event
IAEInstitution of Automotive Engineers
IAEInvalid Attempt to Escape
IAEInstitute of Aeronautics and Engineering (India)
IAEInstituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço (Portuguese: Aeronautics and Space Institute; Brazil)
IAEIntelligent Auto Exposure (cameras)
IAEInflatable Antenna Experiment
IAEInstitute of Agricultural Economics
IAEInternational Association of Egyptologists
IAEInternational Academy of the Environment (Switzerland)
IAEInstructional Assessment and Evaluation (education)
IAEIntegral Absolute Error
IAEInstitute for Agricultural Engineering (Indonesia)
IAEIsuzu Automotive Europe GmbH (Germany)
IAEImmunoaffinity Extraction
IAEInstant Arcane Explosion (gaming, World of Warcraft)
IAEIntegrated Application Environment(s)
IAEInternationale Energie Agentschap (Dutch: International Energy Agency)
IAEInstitution of Agricultural Engineers
IAEIntegrated Aircrew Ensemble
IAEInstrumentation and Electrical
IAEIndirect Account Executive
IAEInfrared Anomalous Emitter
IAEIllinois Ancestor Exchange
IAEInternationally-Acclaimed Expert
IAEInstitute of Australian Education (Medlands, WA, Australia)
IAEInherent Availability of Equipment
IAEInternal Audits and Evaluation
IAEInstituto de Actividades Espaciais (Spanish: Institute for Space Activities)
IAEInterface Adapter Element (mainframes)
IAEInternet Application Environment
IAEIntermittent Altitude Exposure
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IAE is a multinational aero engine consortium whose shareholders comprise Pratt and Whitney (NYSE: UTX), Pratt and Whitney Aero Engines International GmbH, Japanese Aero Engines Corp.
IAE serves industrial and non-residential construction customers located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania with approximately $50 million in fleet at original cost.
The V2500 is produced by IAE in seven different thrust settings, from 22,000 to 33,000 Ibs, to power the Airbus A319, A320 and A321 family of aircraft as well as the A319 corporate jet.
Andy Robinson, IAE Vice President of Customer Support said: "Etihad has recognized the added value that V2500 SelectOneao provides.
The IAE International Aero Engines consortium said its V2500 engine has been selected to power 25 Airbus 320 aircraft ordered by Aviation Capital Group in a deal worth over EUR400 million.
Andres Terech, a marketing professor at IAE who is conducting research on franchising in Argentina and other South American countries.
The two companies plan to integrate the current marketing and sales-management functions into IAE to increase operational efficiency and strengthen the sales framework.
IAE International Aero Engines and China Southern Airlines announced that the carrier ordered V2500s to power 50 A320 family aircraft and signed a long-term V2500Select aftermarket agreement in a deal worth more than $1.
The Latin American Leadership Program (PLL) we designed with IAE Business School has been a unique and successful experience for our leaders throughout the region" says Rodolfo Gonzalez, Latin America HR director for Monsanto.
Se presenta en forma grafica la variacion del valor de la integral del error absoluto IAE, el error maximo [E.
IAE has provided such benefits as reducing purchase transactions costs and cycle times for acquisition actions, which enables managers to make better strategic and planning decisions.