IAERInternational Association of Electronics Recyclers
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IAERInternational Advances in Economic Research
IAERInstitute of Atomic Energy Research (Saudi Arabia)
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Online Submission of Manuscripts IAER has a fully web-enabled manuscript submission and peer-review system with easy log-in tracking procedures available at: www.
Perhaps less well known to more recent IAES members, John founded a second organization in Paris in 1983 entitled the International Health Economics and Management Institute, serving as chief executive officer until 1987 and on the IAER Board of Directors from 1987-90.
The November 2013 issue of IAER will also be devoted to his memory.
Over nearly four decades, John oversaw the publications of 2301 articles in 151 issues of the 40 volumes of the AEJ and 1304 articles in the 73 issues of the 19 volumes of the IAER.
This IAER special issue in John's memory is the second in a two-part series.
ISRI and IAER also have introduced third-party certification programs, though it remains to be seen to what extent electronics recyclers' potential customers will deem such certifications necessary, as certification can increase costs for recyclers and their customers.
The conference is comprised of two major components: the ISEE Symposium May 10-12 and IAER Electronics Recycling Summit May 10, 12 and 13.
An earlier version of this paper was incorrectly printed in the May 1999 issue of IAER.
The IAER represents the international electronics recycling industry as it seeks to develop an effective and efficient infrastructure for managing end-of-life electronics.
EPA report cited by the IAER in its report concludes that just 9 percent of obsolete household electronics items are being recycled.
The four-day series of events is co-sponsored by IAER and the Computer Society Technical Committee on Electronics and the Environment of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).