IAESInternational Atlantic Economic Society (Atlanta, GA)
IAESInterim Alternative Education Setting (student discipline)
IAESIranian Agricultural Economics Society
IAESInternational Academy of Environmental Safety
IAESIon-Excited Auger Electron Spectroscopy
IAESIllinois Agricultural Experiment Station
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The IDEA regulations permit school personnel and the special education teacher to determine the specific IAES for short-term placements; the responsibility for selecting the IAES in long-term placements rests with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Regulations, 1999).
This article describes a preliminary investigation of school districts' implementation of the IAES requirements contained in the IDEA Amendments of 1997.
The following research questions guided this investigation: (a) How familiar are special education directors with the IDEA 97 requirements pertaining to the IAES provision?
numbers of students who had heen removed to an IAES during the period studied, ratings of perceived effects of IAES use on students, schools, and districts).
Training of interviewers followed a systematic process involving orientation to IAES requirements and qualitative research interviews, instruction in use of the semi-structured interview guide, modeling of the interview procedure, practice with feedback, and follow-up.
During this session, a description of the IAES requirements outlined in IDEA 97 was provided.
Interviews required between 5 and 30 minutes each, depending on respondents' experience with placing students in an IAES.
the variety of reasons for removal to an IAES beyond those involving weapons and drugs, the nature of the most commonly employed alternative settings).
For analyses of the probability of long-term removals to an IAES due to weapons or drugs, respondents' experiences for the 18-month period studied across two school years were counted as independent observations.
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