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IAETInternational Association for Engineering and Technology
IAETImproperly Accumulated Earnings Tax
IAETInternational Association for Enterostomal Therapy
IAETItalian American Executives of Transportation
IAETInter-Agency Emergency Telecommunications
IAETInstituto Argentino de Economía y Turismo
IAETInternational Association of Ethics Trainers
IAETIndustrial Automation Engineering Technology (ITT Technical Institute)
IAETInstitute of Aeronautical Engineering and Technology
IAETInstructor Aeromedical Evacuation Technician
IAETInstitut für Angewandte Elektrotechnik und Technikdidaktik
IAETInstituto de Altos Estudios en Traducción (Spanish: Institute of Higher Studies in Translation; Lima, Peru)
IAETInstitutional Advancement & Effectiveness Team
IAETInstitute of Aviation Engineering and Technology (Cairo, Egypt)
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Instead of allowing investors to accumulate income, which can be reinvested in the Philippines that would generate economic activity, they need to dividend out the RE lest be assessed of the 10-percent IAET,' she said.
The IAET is a penalty tax, which aims to compel corporations to distribute its earnings so that the earnings of its shareholders could be taxed.
Client Name : IAET - Institute for Aviation Engineering & Technology - Reporting to Ministry of Higher Education, The Cashier